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Feeding the Mind,

BodY and Soul

Serendipity Market & More is bringing back the small town market and general store to downtown Frederick, Maryland, with a modern yet comfortable atmosphere. We are focused on keeping our resources as local as possible, concentrating on providing clean, natural and sustainable products, all while maintaining a budget friendly selection for our customers. Guests will not only be able to enjoy local food, but they will also be able to experience pieces from local artists and artisans in our community spaces. These community spaces are also available as rentals for special events and business meetings, with catering options available. We hope to see you soon!

Meet Diane - The Foodie. With a BS in Civil Engineering, Diane has worked in Facilities Operations and Project Management for many years. In her spare time, Diane has also hosted many gatherings and parties, catering anywhere from 20 to 150 people. Having lived across the United States and traveled to other countries, the common thread she saw between all people was the ability to create a sense of community through food. With this idea, Diane wanted to create a space with Brittany where they could support their community while nourishing their bodies, minds, and souls. Welcome to Serendipity!
Meet Brittany - The Decorator. Brittany graduated from Towson University, where she pursued a BS in Mass Communications, concentrating on Advertising and Public Relations. After college, she took that knowledge into real estate sales. She spent a lot of her time absorbing the luxuries of model homes and began spreading her knowledge and passion for design to her family and friends. She soon took her decorating talents into home staging and also partnered with Diane for weddings and special events. Once they paired their love for food and creating spaces, their plans morphed into a much bigger idea. Some would call it serendipitous!